Bill Payment

Greater Harrison PSD offers a wide variety of convenient payment options for our customers. Simply choose the option that best suits your needs. 

Payment Due Date

The customer has 30  days to pay the current bill, from the date it was printed and mailed. 

Greater Harrison County PSD will mail the current bill between the 1st and 5th day of each month. The exact day will be printed on said bill.

The LATEST PAY DATE refers to the latest date the customer can pay without a late charge being put on the account.  This covers the 1st 20 days of the payment cycle. The remainder of the 30 days will be covered under the PAYMENT REMINDERS section.

Payment Reminders

On the 21st  day the late fee charges will be added to your account and a Red Shaded Disconnect Notices will be mailed; 10 days later you will be disconnected.  The RED shaded Disconnect post card serves as your disconnect notice.              

On the 31st day (or soon after) Greater Harrison County PSD will complete your disconnect.


Greater Harrison or any agents or employees of Greater Harrison WILL NOT accept payments of any kind at the customer's door in lieu of discontinuing service for either a delinquent water or sewer bill. This is in accordance with WV State Code 16-13A-9(b).

All other procedures for discontinuation will follow PSC Rule 4.8.a.3.A which states the following: When the water or sewer service is being terminated for non-payment of said bill, the two (2) attempts to notify by personal contact shall be made on two (2) seperate business days at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled termination unless it is reasonably established that the premises are not permanently inhabited. The inability to make personal contact shall not prevent the water utility from terminating service.

Adopted by the Board of the Greater Harrison County Public Service District at its regular meeting on June 15, 2011, to be effective
after August 21, 2011

William Coffindaffer, Chairman
Gerald C. Everett, Treasurer
Mark Leonard, Secretary

Connection / Re-Connection

All requests for Connection or Re-Connection of Service will be complete within 24 hours Monday - Friday.

Pay Your Bill Online

You can now pay your bill 24-7!  We acccept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.  Please click the "Pay Your Bill Now" button located at the top and bottom of this page to get started.

Payment By Mail

If paying by check or money order through the mail, please send all payments with your payment coupon. To avoid late fees, please mail your payment at least seven business days before the due date specified on your bill.

Greater Harrison PSD
PO Box 190
West Milford, WV  26451

Payment Drop-Off Location

You may pay your bill in person at our office address. We accept cash, check, debit cards, credit cards, or money orders. Office is open M-F 8:00 am - 4:00 pm (except holidays) We have a drop box located to the left of the gate at the entrance which can be used for check and money order payments.

Payment Through Financial Institution 

Many financial institutions such as major banks offer their customers the ability to pay their bills via an online bill payment service (through your bank's website). Normally, these services debit the customer's checking or savings account to pay the bill. Depending on the financial institution, they may or may not charge a fee for the service. Payments may take up to seven business days to post to the customer's account. Please consult with your bank for more information.  Please allow time for the mail to delivered.

Payment Address

Greater Harrison PSD
PO BOX 190
West Milford, WV 26451