New Service Request

Welcome to the Greater Harrison PSD Community.  Please contact our office by phone or you can print out the Service Application and Agreement (if available) to apply for service. We look forward to serving your water needs.  We must have a valid copy of your driver license.

Application Policy

Greater Harrison PSD requires all applicants desiring water and/or wastewater service to make written application. Proper identification is required at the time of application for service.   A statement of all purposes for which water will be used upon the premises is required.  Any and all past due amounts on file must be paid in full prior to service being established at premises. No person will have access to account information unless specified on said application.  Deposits and tap fees in the current tariff shall be payable before service is provided.

Any change in the identity of the customer of record at a premises will require a new application for water/wastewater. The utility may, after reasonable notice, discontinue water service until such new application has been made and accepted, but the former customer shall remain liable for water/wastewater furnished to said premise until he/she has given notice in writing to the utility to discontinue water/wastewater service. In the event the customer of record has died or become incapable of being responsible for said service, the individual’s spouse may become the customer of record without being required to complete a full application of service, or paying a new deposit.

All applicants are required to designate on every application for service whether they are a tenant or an owner of the premises to be served. If the applicant is a tenant, he/she shall state the name and address of the owner of the premises to be served.

In the event that Greater Harrison provides water service in the same service territory as a publicly or privately owned wastewater utility the customer applying for service must provide proof of application for wastewater service before water service can be provided to the premise. 

No application taken for a new tap will be approved except by the current field supervisor.

The application may be denied until an applicant has complied with the applicable rules of the Public Service Commission and the water tariff; if the applicant’s installation of piping equipment is regarded as hazardous or of such character that satisfactory service cannot be provided.   A bill which has been found to be contractually uncollectible by a court or could reasonably be found to be uncollectible by reason of an applicable statute of limitations shall not be used to deny or discontinue service.  In the event that service is refused, an applicant must be informed that the question may be submitted to the Commission for decision.

Adopted by the Board of the Greater Harrison County Public Service
District at its regular meeting on July 13, 2011, to be effective

William Coffindaffer, Chairman
Gerald Everett, Treasurer
Mark Leonard, Secretary